Lower Mainland homes for rent – signage

  • 8 years ago
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There’s plenty of Lower Mainland homes for rent. While sometimes homeowners get so consumed in finding the perfect tenant that they also forget that renters have a multitude of options as well. January 1 is the slowest month of the year to try and find tenants so how can you put yourself in the drivers seat? While the internet has changed the world forever and posting sites like Craigslist or Kijiji are very convenient, individual homeowners have become WAY too reliant on using such website as the only advertising medium. Scam are very prevalent these days on such websites and people won’t always trust handing over a cheque for $5000 to a complete stranger.

I’m not going to list the numerous marketing strategies that Lower Mainland property management companies incorporate to find tenants but one very effective, yet old school method is a sign. Your sign must be big and professional looking and tell people that your home is available so CALL! A 99 cent FOR RENT sign stuck in your window will likely not cut it as most people are too busy driving by to be looking in your windows. The busier your street location is, the more important having a sign is. One Lower Mainland rental house that Orca rented out recently must have had a dozen calls in the first few days, solely from the sign! Reason being it was located a block from a school so parents would drive by every single day as they drop off their kids and tell their friends and it got rented in short order.

Sign can be inexpensive and signs are effective so ensure at the very minimum your Vancouver rental home has one on the edge of the lawn in a very visible location.

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