Lower Mainland property management companies – doing reference checks

  • 11 years ago

Most Lower Mainland property management companies should be doing a minimum of a reference and a credit check for all potential tenants. Its of particular importance to do your due diligence with tenants applying for lower priced apartments for rent. There’s exceptions to the rule but the general profile of renters of luxury Vancouver rental houses is very stable and there’s a little more variety on applications for rental homes in the $1,000 a month category. Reference checks are not as black and white as credit checks because you are not relying solely on hard data like you do with credit checks. First of all, people and companies are very guarded when releasing information about former tenants or current employees. They are scared of saying something that could get them in trouble or sued.If you are dealing with a large company, there’s a pretty good chance the person you are dealing with in Human Resources has never met the potential renter so they can simply confirm the dates of employment, position and remuneration.

Former landlords are even trickier because unless you are dealing with a Vancouver or Fraser Valley property management company how do you know the person on the other end of the phone is not simply a friend confirming what the tenant is asking them to confirm?The best tenants are often former home owners as well since they know the nuances involved with maintaining a home and are used to doing things themselves so will not be contacting you with every single minor detail. However, since they owned the home you don’t have a landlord to check what kind of tenants they are.The short and the long of it when dealing with the reference check portion of your analysis is to confirm that what they listed on their application is true regarding income and to try to obtain as much character revealing information as the other party is willing to tell you whether it’s a former landlord or current boss. When calling for a work reference be sure to tell them that the person you are inquiring about has applied for tenancy in your home and you are calling for a reference check to confirm certain aspects of their employment with the company.

The most important thing to keep in mind is that you must abide by the rules and regulations as laid out by the Residential Tenancy Act when doing reference checks. Of course, the safest option is to leave it to the professionals and contact your local Lower Mainland property management company to secure you a AAA tenant.

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Lower Mainland property management companies - doing reference checks

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