Luxury Vancouver rental homes for visiting celebrities?

  • 11 years ago

Luxury Vancouver rental homes and furnished Vancouver penthouses are housing dozens of celebrities at any given time in our fine town. While the movie industry isn’t quite as active as it was several years ago, its still a burgeoning business as outfits like the Vancouver Film Studios and Lions Gate Studios continue to pump out both TV and movie shows alike. This industry in general is a great boon for the local economy as it creates thousands of jobs annually and one of the ancillary benefits for a company like Orca Realty is that all these people who are imported for a few months at a time need a place to stay. Many of the local crew will stay in smaller Vancouver furnished apartment rentals but the stars and director of the production are usually looking for something a little more high end.

The more famous the celebrity, the more apt they are to seek out refuge in a private setting. This is particularity true with our celebrity clientele who are married and have families. Immaculate, private West Vancouver houses for rent are often the home of choice for such parties because the lots are bigger, more lush and offer the secluded setting that will keep paparazzi at bay. Production companies aren’t spending as much as they once did which can make Westside Vancouver rental houses a trickier option as the lots are generally smaller, open and don’t offer the same level of privacy that West Van rentals do. Comparable homes are certainly available in Shaughnessy and Point Grey but the price point will generally be a fair bit higher.

Is your home a potential candidate for a celebrity rental? It MUST be private, it MUST be luxurious, designed with good taste and it MUST be furnished. Its a tricky market to plan revenue wise since vacancies are so prevalent. $20K+ a month tenants are not that easy to find and since the average stay will be 3-6 months with ZERO chance of showing the unit while occupied with celebrity tenants, the ideal scenario is that the owner has the flexibility to live elsewhere when its occupied and moves back in when its vacant.

So, if it’s something that you’d like to explore, take inventory of your lifestyle to see if its a good fit and take an honest look at your home. If its a luxurious, private Vancouver or West Vancouver rental house that you would like us to evaluate? Please give us a call.

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Luxury Vancouver rental homes for visiting celebrities?

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