Luxury West Vancouver house rentals – working the calendar

  • 10 years ago

Is there better time to rent your Luxury West Vancouver house rentals in the calendar year? Yes and No. For families with school aged children the preferred months for moving are July 1, August 1 and September 1. School is out, so packing and moving
won’t interfere with various school activities and studies. Students move in September but are sometimes
willing to move in August to avoid the September crunch. Most people are not too thrilled about moving
January 1, since its a holiday and involves packing etc over the Christmas and New Years festivities.
December 1 is not as universally avoided as January is for moving but again, is fairly close to the silly season
so people are a little more reluctant to move then as well.

Your West Vancouver property manager can advise you how to plan ahead.
The type of home significantly affects the calendar year planning schedule as well since most students
going to college will not be renting a large, palatial, suburban house. They will be renting a bachelor suite,
basement suite or splitting a two bedroom condo with a roommate so September is particularly busy for
these types of accommodations. The rental market is very busy for West Van rental houses during the summer months
because this is when families prefer to move. If you plan accordingly to what type of accommodation you
will be moving into, you can maximize the number of potential properties that will meet your criteria.

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