Molehills turn to mountains in North Vancouver property management

  • 10 years ago

There’s a reason why people hire a property management company like Orca Realty to watch over their Northshore or Vancouver rental homes. Things happen. And the word things could easily be replaced by a different one. Earlier today I stopped by to help out an owner of a North Vancouver furnished rental apartment who was having issues with a tenant. It’s not a property that we currently manage but we were doing a personal favor to a friend seeking our local North Vancouver property management expertise. Something that owners of North Vancouver rental homes and West Vancouver houses for rent who try to manage homes on their own often overlook is the human element involved. When problems arise people have no problem calling a company until the problem is resolved to a level that they are satisfied with. Dealing with a person is different. Sometimes a tenant in a luxury West Vancouver rental house will fail to mention the third time in a week the roof leaked because it wasn’t too serious and they don’t want to bug you. Other times a Yaletown furnished rental apartment tenant won’t bother you about the continuous noise complaints of the neighbour, they’ll just move.

Today, the North Vancouver rental apartment tenant I was dealing with had an issue with her front door that didn’t get dealt with in a timely fashion by the owners contractor. After a few complaints and a month delay, the ill will built inside to a level that they now wish to break the lease and move or potentially take the issue to arbitration to try and obtain free or discounted rent. If they had been dealing with a reputable North Vancouver property management company from the outset the issue would have been handled immediately and the tenant / landlord relationship would have been preserved. Never mistake silence for contentment. Whether the issue is a leaky faucet in a downtown Vancouver furnished condo or a structural issue in a luxury Westside Vancouver house for rent, deal with it quickly or your molehill might end up as a mountain that takes up most of your day.

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