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In Vancouver, most rental properties have a standard procedure with every potential rental applicant. You must fill out an application and your credit history, past and previous landlords and employment will be thoroughly checked. Once your application for the property has been approved and you are starting to get ready for the big move in date, it’s time to make a list of everything you need to do to be ready. Often when you first look at a place, you can’t visualize the space in terms of your own furnishings and how they will fit into the specific rooms. It’s always a good idea, to ask for the room measurements ahead of time to make certain the room sizes can accommodate your personal belongings.

If not, don’t try and make them fit or else you will end up with a very crowded uncomfortable living space. If you absolutely cannot part with some of your prized treasures then store them. Vancouver Property Managers have a long list of great storage companies available.
Check out the list of storage companies below to find out their rates:


If you are moving an entire house full of furniture, it is definitely worth your while, to price out professional movers that will simply do everything for you, as you will have enough to think about.

MOVING IS A BIG JOB!: For example: organizing the kids, pets, schools etc…etc… which does not leave much time for you to do the actual packing.

Check out the list of great moving companies available that will come to your house and literally pack every single item for you to make your move as stress free as possible:

BC Movers

Vancouver houses to rent are getting harder and harder to find with the vacancy rate, so when you finally locate the home of your dreams in Kitsilano, or Point Grey or any of the fabulous spots be prepared and organized. Once you land your next rental property remember to book well your moving truck well in advance of your actual moving date; also CONFIRM a few days before the move. There are so many horror stories about movers who do not show up! Don’t forget to also call professional cleaners for your carpets, kitchen appliances, bathrooms and anything else needs to be cleaned.


Your change of address should have already been completed by now and pack a special box that will hold everything you will need on your first night such as, light bulbs, screwdrivers, coffee, cups, bathroom necessities and anything else you will need but will never be able to find.

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