Need A Home To Rent In North Vancouver – How clean is clean?

  • 7 years ago
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Need a home to rent in North Vancouver? Well you are not alone. We get calls everyday from anxious renters inquiring about vacant homes and condo’s in this thriving area. Often it is because of the top graded schools but not always. It just happens to be a very desirable location to bring up your children and pets. When moving in to a new property the first question of concern is the cleanliness of the home, particularly the kitchen where germs can breed. This makes total sense as this room is where the family hangs out most of the time. Always check the inside of the refrigerator and oven.  North Vancouver Property Managers always employ a good solid cleaning company to come in and make the home ready for the new tenants. However, the cleaning is usually completed at the end of a current tenancy and if the home sits empty for a longer than average period of time, it’s a good practice to bring out the white gloves. Dust can build up very quickly and before you know it, those spotless stainless steel appliances are needing a new wipe down. North Vancouver home owners expect their homes to be looked after whether vacant or not. This applies to the grass and landscaping as well. No one is jumping for joy to rent a home that looks neglected on the outside because if it is, you can only imagine what the the inside looks like. We like to keep our home cleaners busy because everyone benefits and there is nothing like a sparkling clean home.

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