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  • 10 years ago

Your local New Westminster property management company can help you to a find good, qualified tenant. This is the number one job for any property manager because even though there’s dozens of other factors that help to establish your New Westminster rental home as a profitable money making venture, it always starts with solid tenants. There’s an Irish Proverb that says, “a vacant house is better than a bad tenant” and having worked in the industry for a long time I can attest that those Irish know what they are talking about. Bad tenants are messy, cause pest infestation, miss rent payments, grow illegal drugs in your home, cause property damage, cause complaints with your neighbors and authorities. They have undisclosed pets and long term visitors, they abuse your appliances and damage your yard. They make you wish that you never rented out your home at all.

One of the necessary due diligence steps is to create a list of questions to ask a potential renter. Below is a good place to start:

 Why Are You Moving?
 When Do You Plan on Moving-In?
 What Is Your Monthly Income?
 Will You Have the Security Deposit and First Month’s Rent Available to Move-In?
 How Many People Will Be Living in the Apartment?
 Can You Provide References From Your Employer and Former Landlord?
 Will You Sign and Consent to a Credit and Background Check?
 Have You Ever Been Evicted?
 Do You Have Any Pets?
 Do You Have Any Questions?

There are many bad tenants trolling Craigslist looking for New Westminster houses for rent. Make sure that you hire a professional property management company to root out such bad apples or at the very minimum learn your rights at the Residential Tenancy Branch and do your due diligence!

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