No Pets Please – WHAT?

  • 9 years ago

North Vancouver Property Managers get asked all the time about pet restrictions, especially for dogs. Most home owners who rent out their large homes with fenced backyards are usually open to a small pet or two. But it depends on the size and breed of the animal as well. Unfortunately, some breeds of dogs have bad reputations compared to others. For instance, pit bulls just seem to gather negative press compared to a poodle. As dogs need exercise at least once or twice a day, they tend to get restless and might potentially be destructive when kept indoors. As a pet owner, it is important to make certain you allow your dog adequate daily exercise. Many condo owners often have horror stories about past bad experiences from a past renter and their dogs. As well, it can be as simple as certain insurance restrictions. Certain insurance companies primarily avoid having to deal with a potentially bothersome lawsuit if somebody is hurt by your dog within the property. While some dogs might do potential damage by drooling and slobbering, others are caused by their sheer size and energetic nature. I know what you are thinking…”NOT my dog…” but that’s not always the case.

Under the B.C. Residential Tenancy Act, you will be required to place a pet deposit along with your security deposit. As a home owner, contemplating whether you will allow your potential tenants to have pets or not, keep in mind, you will significantly reduce the applicants to your property by not allowing pets. Most families have both children and pets and renters love their pets. They will not even view a property that has pet restrictions because the pet is considered a valuable member of the family. Don’t forget home owners, you can always ask for a pet reference from a previous landlord and they will give you an honest opinion of the pet’s behaviour on their property.

Pet owners, if you do have a pet who misbehaves and damages furniture, carpets, floors etc…..consider a qualified pet training class for your pet to help with the time consuming training involved with most pets.

For all you renters, we highly recommend you DO NOT try and sneak your pet in. You will always get caught and relations between you and the landlord will deteriorate quickly and make your rental time miserable. Believe me, home owners quickly realize most families with children have pets and if they only rent to people who are pet free, it greatly decreases the number of good potential tenants. So keeping an open mind in regards to pets, is beneficial to everyone. If flooring damage is an issue, simply ask your renters to purchase scatter rugs to protect the floor. As a pet owner and a person who is renting a property in West Vancouver, I take great care in making sure my pet does not damage the property and most pet owners are very responsible people.

Feel free to ask to meet the pet, you will get a good indication how well behaved they are in a single visit.

What about you?

How do you feel about pets in your home?

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No Pets Please - WHAT?

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