North shore property management company – No manage YES problem

  • 8 years ago
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As the preeminent North shore property management company in the Lower Mainland we MUST be very protective of our brand. Most people think of luxury North Vancouver rental houses, glamorous Downtown penthouses for rent and first class customer service when they think of Orca Realty. We have worked extremely hard to create and protect this image. You can imagine our surprise when a referral source recently told us that they heard some less than flattering comments about Orca Realty. We put on our detective hats and decided to figure out what was the root of the dissatisfaction. It turns out that this wasn’t the only complaint, and when we delved into it, 100% of the complaints were generated from homes that we simply found renters for but weren’t managing on an ongoing basis.

The tenants had some legitimate concerns that the owners were extremely slow in dealing with which created a great deal of animosity. The tension had gotten so bad that the renters were attempting to actually break the lease and move out. A qualified North shore property manager could have easily defused the situation by getting the issue resolved in a timely manner but the owner didn’t, and since the tenant was placed by Orca Realty, they blamed us. If the renter had found the property through Craigslist then the tenant would have blamed the owner but when our property managers place them into a home, they associate Orca Realty with the transaction.

As a result, we were forced to make the corporate decision to no longer find tenants for landlords unless we also manage the home going forward. We would rather turn down the owner of a beautiful West Vancouver rental house than risk our reputation. Owners can rarely offer the same level of service that we do so its paramount that tenants and owners alike know with 100% certainty that when they deal with Orca Realty that they are dealing with the best.

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