North Shore Property Management – In office, do clothes make the man?

  • 10 years ago

North Shore Property Management offices have a diverse group of people. What makes the office thrive and keep the environment energetic? Sometimes it’s the funny new receptionist, sometimes it’s the eager young graduate out to make a name for himself but for our office, it’s the guy who makes the effort to come in everyday in a new outfit that sparks conversation and confidence. Whether he wears the pink and black checked vintage shirt from Value Village or the extra tight grey flannel Tommy Hilfiger pants, it brings a little humor into the day. North Shore home owners come into the office expecting to see his eclectic style and big smile. So, does personality have a place in business? Absolutely! In fact, with social media taking over the airwaves and the marketing aspect of instagrams, big personalities are the wave of the future and a major plus for any business. One word people…selfies… Clothing can be a great first impression and a definite air of confidence whether you are a man or a woman.

Business is all about confidence in the person and the company, that’s the difference between ordinary and extraordinary. Voguish outfits can breed self-assurance and bring life into a boring uneventful room and can inspire great Monday morning meetings. So, don’t be afraid to channel your inner style fashionista. Your closet can be your best friend, it is filled with possibilities to enhanced performance at work and a highly successful career. North Vancouver renters are very athletic individuals, especially living in such an active environment as the North Shore and they dress accordingly. Fashion is a big part of the area. So don’t be afraid to be adventurous in your work environment, clothes do make the man and everyone notices. But PLEASE no bow ties allowed!

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North Shore Property Management – In office, do clothes make the man?

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