North Shore Property Managers – Dogs and Cats Allowed or Not??

  • 9 years ago

North Vancouver Property Managers get asked all the time about pet restrictions, especially for dogs. Most home owners who rent out their large homes with fenced backyards are usually open to a small pet or two. But it depends on the size and breed of the animal as well. Unfortunately, some breeds of dogs have bad reputations compared to others. For instance, the pit bulls just seem to gather negative press compared to a poodle. As dogs need exercise at least once or twice a day, they tend to get restless and might potentially be destructive when kept indoors. As a pet owner, it is important to make certain you allow your dog adequate daily exercise. Many condo owners often have horror stories about previous bad experiences from a past renter and their dogs. As well, it can be as simple as certain insurance restrictions. Certain insurance companies primarily avoid having to deal with a potentially bothersome lawsuit if somebody is hurt by your dog within the property. While some dogs might do potential damage by drooling and slobbering, others are caused by their sheer size and energetic nature. Here are some high strung breeds considered high-risk for Landlords and Property Managers alike: Border Collie, Australian Shepherd, English and American Foxhounds, Giant Schnauzer, Leonberger, Irish Setter, Airedale Terrier, Coonhound and Dalmatian. So, as potential condo renters think carefully when adding the newest member of your family to make sure you are not going to have problems renting your next home. You will be required to place a pet deposit along with your security deposit.

As a home owner contemplating whether you will allow your potential tenants to have pets or not, keep in mind you will significantly reduce the number of applicants by not allowing pets. Most families have both children and pets and renters love their pets. They will not even view a property that has pet restrictions because the pet is considered a valuable member of the family. You can always ask for a pet reference from a previous landlord as well. For all you renters out there, when looking for a home to rent in Vancouver, we recommend highly DO NOT try and sneak in your pet. You will always get caught and relations between you and the landlord will deteriorate quickly and make your rental time miserable. Renting to tenants with pets will greatly increase the number of reliable and honest tenants you will have to choose from. As a general rule, most renters with children or pets become much longer term tenants as moving is such an ordeal.

Of course it depends on the training the pets have been given and how well behaved they appear. The better trained the animal is, the less damage they may cause to your property. If you have expensive carpeting or newly placed hardwood floors renting to a puppy could end in disaster, especially if they are not yet trained to go outside to relieve themselves. That smell just never seems to come out. However an older dog usually is no more trouble than a child and can fill your home with love and joy.

Our experience with pet owners has been positive and rewarding overall. It’s a matter of due diligence and carefully checking references on not only the tenants but taking the time to ask previous landlords about the pets as well. Many of our pet owning renters have actually brought glowing letters of recommendations about their pets which certainly helps in making our decisions. Remember to always ask for a pet deposit up front, which in B.C. is half a month’s rent and will generally cover any damages that may occur. Of course, you will also have a half month’s rent from your security deposit, so in reality you will have an entire month’s rent in your bank account.

The bottom line about whether or not to rent to pet owning applicants is all about the quality of the candidates. Do they pay their rent on time? Are they mature, AAA tenants that bring with them great references? Is their credit history strong and steady? Once you find out all the relevant information you need to make your final decision, the pet question will answer itself. We find families with children almost always come with some type of pet and they do look for quality properties that have a welcoming and open vibe so keep your options open.

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North Shore Property Managers - Dogs and Cats Allowed or Not??

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