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  • 9 years ago

It’s almost the end of March which means my favourite day of Spring is looming ahead. It is April Fool’s Day in the office! Anyone is a target and it’s a great time for everyone. The hardest thing is coming up with new pranks every year but that’s the most fun!

Check out this link for some great ideas.   Of course, make sure your intended targets can take a good joke otherwise you may get yourself in some office hot water. The secret is to do small unassuming pranks where no one gets wet, soiled or put in an embarrassing position in front of their peers. Jokes don’t just have to be for the office staff. Your home is a great place to try out some of your best pranks. Imagine the kids reactions when mom or dad pull a fast one on them; they would be in heaven. As North Shore Property Managers, our jobs can be stressful and very detail oriented so what better way to let off a little steam than a really funny joke on a coworker. The computer based pranks are the best for me but I have seen some really funny office equipment jokes as well.

Jello anyone? I mean who hasn’t seen the OFFICE episode with the stapler in the jello. To get perfect instructions on how to execute this hilarious prank check out the following link.

So get ready for a day of fun but always remember make sure the coworker you choose has a good sense of humour because the last thing you want to do is humiliate or hurt someone’s feelings. Also unless YOU are the boss, make absolute certain your boss has a good sense of humour as well. Office atmosphere can be fun as well as productive and some days it’s just a nice break away to be silly.

My favourite top 5 pranks are:

1. FAKE LOTTERY TICKET – you can buy a fake lottery ticket at any joke store and they look very realistic but be kind and don’t let the joke go on too long or you may devastate your “victim”

2. CANDY APPLE ONIONS – peel the skin off 10 onions and dip in candy apple topping, stick in popsicle sticks and stand back to hear the screams

3. BALLOONS BALLOONS BALLOONS… fill a coworkers area up with tons of balloons and use clear tape to keep them secured inside

4. BATHROOM – bring a pair of shoes and a pair of jeans to work…set the shoes in front of the toilet bowl with the jeans on the toilet seat and tucked into shoes…watch everyone try to figure out who is in stall and why they are taking so long

5. JELLO – wrap up someone’s stapler, phone, keypad in jello and get ready to laugh

So get ready for the big prank party and have a fun day with your coworkers.

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