North Vancouver condo for rent – Move in day

  • 8 years ago
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Yesterday I was performing a move-in inspection on one of our Lonsdale condo for rent properties. It went smoothly and the tenant was diligent about pointing out scratches on the floor and imperfections on the wall but all in all it went very well. Whether you are doing a move in on a luxury Point Grey house for rent or a one bedroom downtown furnished Vancouver condo the process itself doesn’t change. Let the tenant know that they are expected to return the home in a similar fashion and that normal wear and tear consists of adding a single hole in a wall to hang a picture and the floor should look similar. If you are performing Westside Vancouver property management ‘move in’ services on a 6000 square foot luxury Shaughnessy house for rent then expect to spend an hour or more for the move in. The rental home is worth millions of dollars and you need to document the process and take pictures as well. Keep in mind that setting up expectations at the move in will help to ensure that the move out inspection will go well. Go room to room and document ALL scratches or worn areas on a checklist like at the link below. Test all appliances in front of the tenants and document that they are in good working order. Have the tenant sign the checklist. Take pictures of each room and keep in a safe place so you can access them for when its time to check them out. For Luxury house rentals you need to be especially diligent and document EVERYTHING because damages can be very costly for the owner. When it comes to furnished rental condos or luxury furnished Vancouver houses for rent it will take even more time . This involves adding an extra addendum and creating an inventory list of every single piece of furniture complete with photos. Moral of the story…The more you document at the move in, the smoother the move out will go..



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