North Vancouver Home Owners – Do you want to market your home?

  • 7 years ago
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North Vancouver home owners often ask us how to effectively advertise their properties. When doing a marketing strategy yourself, as an individual home owner you are somewhat restricted to the avenues available to you. You can use the old fashioned approach and advertise in a local newspaper but the amount of exposure through this media is extremely limited and the results slow and usually ineffective. You can use the cheaper online approach of craigslist and kijji but you have no control over the type of candidates you may attract or the type of person you will expose your home and family to. As highly professional and experienced North Vancouver Property Managers, we have access to hundreds of real estate agents and qualified home re locators that we work closely with to ensure the quality of candidates we attract are AAA caliber tenants. We also offer thorough background checks, credit checks and past rental references on all our potential candidates. But most importantly, we offer peace of mind with our 24 hour call service. Many of our North Vancouver home renters are past home owners and take their rental tenancy very seriously. They treat their new homes as they would treat their own, with care and responsibility. With our busy lives today, who has the time to effectively manage and be on 24 hour call for their properties? Let the professionals give you back your personal time and quality of life. Put your prized properties in our very capable hands because it’s simply what we at Orca Realty do best.

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