North Vancouver Home Owners – Keep those gutters clean

  • 7 years ago
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North Vancouver home owners know the importance of maintaining clean gutters. At a minimum, they should be cleaned twice a year, otherwise with the clogging of wet autumn leaves, moss and heavy rains you will have an overflow water problem that can escalate very quickly. The weight alone will cause immediate damage and the buildup of debris will attract all kinds of insects to nest inside those deep gutters.  North Vancouver Property Managers are often called in by tenants who complain of the heavy draining of water build up in the gutters and have to go to the owners with the problem. Remember prevention is worth a pound of cure and Spring is the perfect time to pull out your ladders and climb up to see exactly what is living in those gutters. The twice a year cleaning will save you hours of work and hundreds of dollars in drainage damage down the road. It’s as simple as pulling on your rubber gloves, buying a package of large garden garbage bags and getting to work. Not a DIY kind of person? No problem, there are many companies on the North Shore ready and willing to help you maintain those gutters. Just make sure somebody gets to the job and prevents what could snowball into a major problem and expense. North Shore property renters will be much happier with a home that is maintained properly by the owner and take the lead by taking the best care of their home that they possibly can.

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