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  • 9 years ago

I live in West Vancouver and love it but I have also had a condo in North Vancouver and what a fantastic community it is there. Everyone is so family friendly and very active in their lives. As well, North Vancouver rental homes come with many perks, but for me, the biggest attraction has always been TA DA, the hot tub. I mean picture yourself stuck in bumper to bumper traffic, as you are driving home after a long, long, taxing day at work. Let’s be honest, North Vancouver is know for traffic…traffic…traffic. All of a sudden you start dreaming of your hot tub and a tall glass of red wine. Whether it’s big, small, indoor or outdoor, a hot tub is a desirable feature for prospective tenants looking to rent a home. You will stand out among the many North Shore rental homes advertising their properties and your tenants will enjoy this fabulous relaxing feature. Outdoor hot tubs have their advantages in the warm Spring and Summer months as you relax in the hot swirling water under a blanket of stars.

But when the cold frost hits, it’s a little harder to dip your feet in the soothing water and often the hot tub sits empty until the first signs of the Spring. Indoor hot tubs are so convenient and you can use them all year round but I would miss the fun of being outdoors and the back to nature feeling you get outside looking at the stars. North Shore home owners know if they plan on renting their properties, they will have one happy tenant that will look forward to a long, enjoyable stay with a hot tub on the premises. Forget the fun, what about the medicinal pluses a hot tub can bring.

Those aching muscles after a hard workout at the gym, totally disappear the minute you hit the jets button. Your body heats up and your blood flow increases and suddenly, WHAM you don’t even remember those heavy weights or that last lap around the track, all you feel is heat and comfort. But before you place your property in the roster of the numerous North Vancouver houses for rent, do yourself a favour and take a long, relaxing soak yourself. Sit back, enjoy the view and the bubbles. Bring the whole family in and watch the kids laugh while having a great time together. Believe me, adding a hot tub will be a great addition to your home. North Vancouver Property Managers know how easy it is to rent a home with a hot tub whether inside or out.

P.S. don’t forget the champagne.

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