North Vancouver property management – Men with rakes

  • 11 years ago

North Vancouver property management involves many aspects of administration, due diligence, maintenance and upkeep. Many of our North Vancouver houses for rent are located in areas with significant foliage, wilderness and trees. Lynn Valley, Deep Cove, Canyon Heights and the Capilano Highlands offer tenants looking for a North Vancouver rental house options that include wilderness at your door step and often times houses with magnificent yards for the family to enjoy. Areas like Lower Lonsdale, Central Lonsdale and Pemberton Heights are more centrally located to amenities and in addition to houses will often offer North Vancouver apartments for rent or even North Vancouver furnished condos. Obviously, maintenance of a North Vancouver rental apartment is significantly less than it would be on a luxury Northshore rental house with a large yard and the decisions of how to handle such maintenance lies with the owner of the property. While the weather has been absolutely wonderful this year, autumn is upon us and those beautiful green, brown and orange leaves are starting to fall to the ground. What do we do with them? The simple and expensive option is to hire a company to get rid of them on an ongoing basis. You can hire a landscaping / maintenance company to do everything from mowing your lawn and pruning your trees to disposing of the leaves that fall on the ground. The expense is completely dependent on the size and scope of the job. As with all service industries, the more time they spend on your yard the more money it will cost you.

If you are renting out a luxury North Van house for rent than usually you will simply include this as part of the rent. Tenants of such homes generally don’t want to be bothered with the work. If your North Van rental house is moderately priced or has a smaller yard then sometimes the tenant will not mind doing the work themselves and would rather pay a few hundred dollars less per month to do so. If this is the path that you are choosing then how do you get rid of all of these pesky leaves? Below is some options to consider:

1) Rake and bags. Old school. Your parents likely made you do this when you were a kid so why not pass on the tradition?

2) Leaf blower. Gets the leaves from point A to point B much faster than the old stick with spokes option but still requires bagging and disposing.

3) Mulching. Many lawn mowers will mulch the grass and leaves right back into the ground and help to keep your lawn looking green and healthy.

4) Leaf Vacuum. You will need a fancy mower for this but some of the medium priced to expensive lawn mowers will allow you to vacuum the leaves for easy bagging

5) Burn the leaves. Put your outdoor fire pit to good use.

Every yard and every situation is different. If you are not sure which option is best for your Deep Cove rental house or your luxury vacant Lynn Valley house for rent then contact your local North Van property management company and ask for some advice.

– Tips from the Orca

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North Vancouver property management - Men with rakes

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