North Vancouver Property Owners – What To Do With Vacant Home!

  • 9 years ago

If you own a rental property yourself, you know that at times it can sit empty in between leases as tenants tend to come and go. Being a West Vancouver Property Management company, it is our job, at Orca Realty, to find reliable AAA tenants to rent out your home and leave it vacant for the least amount of time possible. However, if you own a rental property or have rented out your home in the past, you know that at times things can come up and your property may sit vacant a little longer then you’ve intended.

Here are some things that you can do to make sure your property is well secured and becomes less of a target for intrusion.

1. Lock all of the doors and windows in the property. This may seem like a given, but often we forget the little things. Be sure to thoroughly inspect each room in the home before you leave to make sure that you haven’t missed anything. This also comes in hand with making sure that you have a reliable and sturdy lock system on your doors and windows as well. Bolts, door handles, locks, etc are things that you should not cheap out on. Looking for the least expensive materials always seems like an ideal option to save you some money, but with that being said, usually it is the least expensive parts that tend to be the easiest to break.

2. Install an alarm or camera system. Often intruders will look specifically for any type of security systems that may be set up to the home. Whether the system may be real or fake, this will help scare off anyone who has intentions of breaking in to your home and entering the property.

Hide your expensive belongings. Be sure to put away any valuables that may be visible in areas of the home that can be seen through ground level windows. Although your home may be vacant, if you leave any valuable merchandise in the open it may be a target for someone to intrude, especially if they know that the home is empty. If there is still furniture in the home, staging the property to look as though someone is actually living in it may also help reduce the chances of a break in. If crooks think that there is a chance that someone is living at the property and could come home, they will be more likely to back away and choose not to follow through with their break in.

By taking a few simple steps to assure that your property in well secured, this will also help ease your mind knowing that the likely hood of a break in is much less probable to occur. The cost of having a security system installed or having a few minor adjustments made to the vacant property could save you the headache and cash from having to deal with a dramatic break in in the long run.

Even if you are renting a home or condo in Vancouver, take the necessary steps to secure your property and possessions.

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North Vancouver Property Owners - What To Do With Vacant Home!

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