North Vancouver Rental Homes – Cleaning the eco-friendly way

  • 8 years ago
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North Vancouver rental homes are being spring-cleaned as you read this so don’t be left behind by other property renters already busy cleaning. Here are some helpful tips on how to get eco-friendly with your annual clean-up. One of the most useful cleaning agents that you can find in your kitchen is your distilled vinegar. It’s great for glass, counter tops, bathroom tiles, shower heads, floors, mold & mildew and disinfecting. It’s commonly mixed with warm water, baking soda or it can be used all by itself thanks to its acidic nature. Just remember that there are different types of mixes or “recipes” depending on where you would want to use it. As a North Shore Property Manager, I have seen my fair share of nasty homes that could have benefited from this simple tips. Another good eco-friendly natural cleaning product is baking soda. It is excellent in getting rid of greasy stains found on counter tops, toilets, floor tiles, window screens, stained carpets and ink stains. It is often used as a deodorizer as well. A great way to do away with stains and at the same time polish your furniture and metal items is by using oils. Commonly used oils are olive, eucalyptus and lemon oil. Believe me, your North Vancouver home owners will greatly appreciate your natural and environmentally friendly approach to spring cleaning.

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