Northshore Properties – Are pools worth the trouble?

  • 8 years ago
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Northshore properties, are pools worth the trouble? Everybody gets excited when they see a well maintained swimming pool. It brings up visions of pool parties, cocktail drinks with umbrellas, barbeques, bikinis and fun…fun…fun. However, the first question you want to ask yourself is, will the pool add to the equity of my property? There are many different views on the subject. Most real estate agents will agree the additional financial gain to adding a pool can range from none at all, to a 15-28% increase on the value of your property. Also, a major factor in your decision is where your property is located. West Vancouver properties tend to have more pools than other areas. Maintaining your pool is a big commitment both physically and financially but it must be done. Winterizing the pool alone is expensive but before getting an in ground pool installed, you will want to find out about the rules regarding installing pools in your area. There are many different building permits you will need to investigate. If you have children you will want to consider all the safety precautions that go with responsible pool ownership. As a Northshore home owner or renter you will have to figure out if the pros out weigh the cons. Swimming is one of the best exercises you can do and of course a pool becomes a very social part of our lives in so many positive ways. For my two cents, I say who doesn’t love a good pool party, “bombs away!”

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