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What does these three words, Property Management Vancouver mean to most Vancouver home owners? Does it mean, security for your home? Does it mean maximizing the profitability? Does it mean professional representation? Lower Mainland rental property owners choose Orca Realty because of their commitment to: – Protecting your Vancouver rental house. Poor tenants can cause thousands of dollars in damages to a home. If a tenant starts a drug lab or grow operation it can cost tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars in damages and lost equity as this must be legally disclosed to potential buyers should you ever choose to sell. We do home random home inspections to make certain this does not happen to your home. There are many reasons to have a professional Property Management team look after your home and property for you. Believe me, it can be a 24 hour on call job especially in cold weather (pipes bursting) rainy weather (basement floods) or something as simple as a skunk or raccoon family nesting in your attic. Even if it is not an emergency situation, the everyday problems that can arise are endless.

Do you really want those daily headaches when you could be lounging on a beach in the Caribbean?

Here at Orca Realty we offer the following:
-Free home facelift analysis if home has some wear and tear to see what minor upgrades could increase monthly rental expectations and minimize vacancies.
– Initial home inspection to ensure your home’s in good shape to avoid any unforeseen repairs or emergencies.
– Multilingual. We have reps who speak Mandarin, Cantonese, Farsi, Spanish and more
– Offering peace of mind. Using a Vancouver property manager can save you time, hassle and allow you to sleep well at night knowing a professional is looking over your investment.
– Value. Orca Realty offers competitive rates to rent and manage your home
– We thoroughly screen potential tenants for creditworthiness and ability to pay.
– Our cutting edge online management program allows you to track payments and ongoing tenant dialogue.
– Available via phone 24 hours a day so emergencies are dealt with immediately should your Vancouver house for rent need instant attention

If this sound like it may work for you, give us a call. For the best in real estate property management, Vancouver and the North Shore residents turn to Orca Realty. With our local knowledge and experience in property management complemented by our systems management software, advertising and marketing capabilities, we are able to bring our clients the finest in service and results.
Orca Realty is a full service rental property management company, handling all phases of property management for our clients from locating and selecting the best and most reliable tenants to applying thorough screening analysis of potential tenants. We collect rent, assist with maintenance and repairs, perform semi-annual property inspections, evictions if necessary, 24/7 service and property status updates, monthly property financial statements and the depositing of our customers’ monthly rental incomes. Our ability to perform all of these functions at the highest levels is what has led us to become one of the leaders in local rental property management. So when looking for a rental property in Vancouver keep all your options open.

We are very excited to announce we have just opened a second office at 102-2087 W 4th Avenue in trendy Kitsilano. We look forward to adding fabulous homes and condos from Point Grey, Shaughnessey, Kitsilano, West End and downtown Vancouver.

Remember when you are trying to decide whether or not to hire a Property Manager, keep this in mind.

• Property Managers take great care to find you the perfect tenant by diligently checking references and making sure they have a solid credit history. We often have previous property owners apply for our properties and they understand the importance of taking the utmost care of the homes they rent.
• Using a Property Manager allows you the freedom to spend your time anyway you want as you are not tied to taking care of the property yourself.
• Rules & Regulations. Experienced Property Managers know all the important rules and regulations needed to manage your property to the letter of the law. Their leases are structured to protect the owners they work for.

Look for our Orca Whale smart cars driving all over the city and gave us a big wave!

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