Owners-Check Your Appliances Before Renting

  • 7 years ago

When renting a home, kitchen appliances are almost always included in the rental home. But still, it is at the owner’s discretion, if they will provide all the appliances or not. Property owners and landlords should always make sure that all kitchen appliances are in perfect working order, if not, they should be repaired before the tenants move in. In some instances, kitchen and laundry appliances may need to be updated or even replaced when they are not working or appear old and dated. Most people looking to rent a property in Vancouver have high expectations.

It is very important to check all the appliances BEFORE the tenants move in, to ensure each one is functioning perfectly.

Providing proper working appliances is crucial to a positive first impression for your new tenants, especially on the move in inspection.

Kitchen appliances are one of the major items used inside the house so these need extra attention.

For rentals, the most common kitchen appliances provided by the homeowners would be the stove, oven, refrigerator, microwave and dishwasher. The appliances should be presented clean and should be in full working order. It is especially important to double check the appliances if the rental home has been sitting empty for a long period of time.kitchen

It sometimes happens when previous tenants break the appliances and the person doing the move out inspection does not fully check them. It should be on the rental agreement that any broken or damaged appliances included in the rent should be used with care, if this is not the case, the tenants can be held responsible for the misuse of the appliances. Tenants should report in a timely manner any problems they experience with the appliances, so a reputable service person can come by and check them out. It should be repaired right away where possible.

At times, the service person may have to wait for a specific part or sometimes new appliances still have a warranty period for replacement but there can be restrictions with the warranty.
It is best to manage appliances with specific specialists in each area to make certain they are being maintained in a proper manner.

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Owners-Check Your Appliances Before Renting

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