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Parking is a major issue among people who live or work downtown. It is very challenging to find affordable parking for your vehicle, especially during work days. There is limited meter parking and most of the parking lots are extremely expensive. There may be areas where you can find parking in the lots but you often are required to pay an exorbitant hourly rate that really puts a dent in your monthly bills. Finding parking areas that are less expensive is not easy and they are often full or congested due to high volume of people driving their cars to work everyday. When renting a downtown apartment, make sure a parking spot is included in the rent. It will save you hundreds of dollars a month in parking fees.

If you own a car and you travel downtown every day, a good suggestion to avoid the endless parking problems is taking public transportation instead. It is significantly cheaper because you don’t need to pay for gas or toll fees and you can get to your job without the hassle of finding a reasonably priced spot to park your car every single day.

Of course, public transportation has its downfalls as well. Sometimes the bus is late or so crowded you have to stand all the way downtown. You have to either buy a pass or make sure you have the correct change everyday.

Parking on the streets may be convenient for you if you are simply picking something up from a store or if you are dropping off or picking up your kids from school. There are lots of rules and regulations with street parking so everyone should be careful and read the parking meters or signs carefully to avoid getting a parking ticket. It can get very expensive when you get a ticket as they generally start at $35 and go up quickly if not paid within a specific time. This can eventually affect your car insurance premiums.

If you are lucky enough to live downtown with a parking spot included in your rent start walking everywhere. You can also take advantage of riding a bike to work. Not only does it save on money it is an excellent way to get exercise everyday. It is a great way to avoid paying high parking fees it eliminates the hassle of finding a parking spot and in the end, will make your life much easier. As Property Managers, we have to park downtown everyday and it can be very expensive.
So stay in shape and help the environment by riding a bike to work!

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