Patio Time is Around the Corner

  • 7 years ago

When winter has ended and it’s time to say hello to summer, for most of us, this can be the most exciting time of the year. Your deck or outside patio should always be kept looking clean and in great shape to be ready for all the outdoor entertaining we do in the summer. Keep your outside areas pleasant looking with lots of fresh, colourful plants and trees. You just never know when company will drop by.
Here are a few tips to help to keep your decks or patios looking good:

Store all your outdoor furniture, especially cushions, in a safe, dry garage or storage area to keep them in good condition. Particularly during winter when Vancouver experiences heavy rainfalls which can severely damage your expensive outdoor patio furniture.
Close your patio umbrella when not in use and store away in a dry area as well but make sure that it is dry and free of dust or dirt before. Storing it away for safekeeping may prevent it from tearing from sudden falling branches or heavy winds or from birds and squirrels jumping on it.
Keep the patio floor clean from dirt and any debris as well. It is very important to scrub any signs of mold growth and algae that can build up due to excessive moisture.
Keep the patio alive with fresh, flowering plants and green leafy bushes. Hang a bird house or a wind chime to give your patio a personality.

Power washing your patio will bring new life to it and keep it looking at its best!

In Vancouver, spring and summer can be quite warm and most people get to use their patio for almost 6 months of the year so keep it looking colourful and fresh.

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Patio Time is Around the Corner

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