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Horseshoe Bay Property Managers, like every other Property Manager are getting ready to renew rental leases this busy July month. There are 2 choices in British Columbia concerning rental options. The first is a month-to-month rental option and the second is a fixed term lease option. With a month-to-month lease option, the tenant can end their tenancy by giving one full calendar’s month notice and this option provides the tenant with more flexibility but is not beneficial to an owner.
In the fixed term lease the tenant is required to fulfill the entire time frame outlined in the legally binding written lease. Most home owners and Property Managers prefer the fixed term lease as it secures the tenant’s stay for the agreed upon time frame so there is a clear understanding between all parties on the secured end date.
The tenant does not have to give notice under the fixed term lease as the end date on the legally binding document is the last day of tenancy. West Vancouver renters, North-shore renters and renters all over B.C. have the same thought in the New Year. To move or not to move.
Keeping a happy tenant benefits both the home owners and the Property Managers as moving is a big challenge to all concerned. For the tenants it is the added expense of moving trucks, cleaning crews, changing schools and utility adjustments.
For us West Vancouver Property Managers, we’d rather keep our tenants happy and right where they are.

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