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How to give your rental space a face-lift? It doesn’t cost a fortune to spruce up your living space and make it feel more comfortable and homey, whether you own it or rent it.
As property rents keep sky rocketing out of control in Vancouver, more and more people are resigning themselves to living as renters.

Sometimes it seems like buying your own property is just a pipe dream and it will never happen.
In the meantime while you are saving away every month, why not take the time to make your rental space feel more like your own little piece of heaven. Don’t forget, there are some benefits to renting, especially when one of your large appliances break down or the hot water tank stops working. Instead of incurring that large bill yourself, you simply have to make a call to your local Property Manager and have them deal with the matter and deal with the cost.

I decided this spring to tackle my ugly back deck that faces a parking lot. I generally use it as a large storage area but this year, I took the entire weekend and cleaned up my little space. I bought beautiful, coloured potted plants and swept away all the clutter and hosed off the whole deck. I even bought a new beach chair and small side table to use while I sit back there. Low and behold, my 3 neighbours decided to do the exact same thing and all of a sudden, we had a lovely garden area that we could all enjoy.

That was only the beginning, once I saw the change outside, I started going to frequent local garage sales and flea markets where I picked up some unique and fun furniture pieces. After staining and repainting each one, I was thrilled with the results.
They looked brand new and completely changed my entire apartment.
Next, I tackled my 6 south facing windows that look out onto Marine Drive in West Vancouver, where I have several slight glimpses of the ocean. Covering the long windows with light, white venetian blinds, not only helped block out the strong sun that creeps in everyday but keep the front sun-room nice and cool. Last but not least, I added some new prints on the wall from Ikea and some fun,  colourfully patterned toss cushions on my sectional sofa to brighten up the otherwise bland room. I love my place now and I never think of it as a rental anymore.
I think of it as “home sweet home.”
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