Point Grey rental house – VIP tenants want to deal with the pro’s

  • 8 years ago
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If you are trying to rent out your Point Grey rental house or any luxury Vancouver house for rent for that matter, you may be shooting yourself in the foot by doing it yourself. VIP tenants who pay higher rents sometimes prefer to deal with Point Grey property management companies. The horror stories of dealing with an absentee or overzealous owner are a dime a dozen. It’s much more comfortable for tenants to discuss their issues with a company than with the owner of the house directly.We’ve heard story after story of owners from different countries neglecting tenants or can’t be reached when emergencies arise. Plus, never lose sight of the fact that you actually WANT tenants to tell when you things go wrong with your home… you just want them to call SOMEONE ELSE! You are busy, you don’t have skilled yet cost effective trades at your disposal. Just trust us on this one, you might lose a VERY good tenant, a months rent and be forced to rent your home for less than market value by doing it yourself. The very renter that might be walking through your Point Grey rental home could be thinking… i’d take it… if I knew it was going to be properly managed… don’t lose out. Use a Vancouver property management company.

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