Pools in Vancouver, West Vancouver & North Vancouver rental houses

  • 8 years ago
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Like buying a boat, a pool is a wonderful idea… what could go wrong…right? Many of our luxury West Vancouver houses for rent and North Vancouver rental houses have pools. Many Westside Vancouver rental houses in some of the more prestigious areas like Shaughnessy, Point Grey, Dunbar, UBC also have pools but the lot sizes in general are smaller than West Vancouver rental houses so are not as prevalent. An owner will often build a pool in their house because they have older children, a fair bit of space and … they like pools.

Renters of luxury Vancouver rental houses do NOT always like pools.  About 25 – 35% of potential renters will view a pool as a benefit and the other 65% – 75% of tenants will view it as a utilities and maintenance expense, a danger to their children and a space that would be better served by being a lawn. The other drawbacks of a pool is that when something mechanically goes wrong… it is NOT cheap… recently, one of our clients owning a pool in a British Properties house for rent shelled out $25,000 for a malfunctioning older pool.

Proceed with caution if you are building a house that you are intending to use as a luxury rental property. Excuse the pun, but the pool of potential AAA high end renters is limited as it is… and when you are restricting that percentage of the population by 65 – 75% you are opening yourself up to increased levels of vacancies between tenants.

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