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When searching for your dream home, you envision the process to be hassle free and perfect but often, unforeseen complications can put a wrench in your well laid out plans so always be prepared for those events to happen. As Property Managers we see it all! Moving trucks that show up hours late, cleaners that don’t show up at all, keys that do not work etc etc…

As much as you try to keep everything organized and on track, often the unexpected can happen and the key to success is to stay calm and try your best to double check everything days ahead of time.
Nothing is perfect especially during moving days!
You hear about horror stories from both sides of the scenario, either the tenants or the landlords. On the tenant side, you can experience many problems that may occur during your tenancy that you did not expect. Plumbing problems is one of the more common repair issues that can occur and when you attempt to call your landlord and tell them about the possible water damage or leaking faucets often they do not address the problem right away which can cause you stress. When your appliances are not functioning it again can cause stress when it takes time to fix them

For homeowners and Property Managers there are horror stories they can share about negligent tenants. Despite detailed reference checks, you can come across many tenants who are just plain nightmares to deal with. As an example, tenants who move out long before their lease is up, tenants who move out and leave all their garbage behind and we have even had tenants who leave all their furniture behind as well. Not only that, tenants can damage walls, ceilings, break appliances, scratch wood flooring, damage new carpets and blinds and often the damage deposits will not cover all the expenses for repair or replacements. When looking to rent a home in West Vancouver or North Vancouver make sure you really look at the condition of the property to avoid any unpleasant surprises.

The best thing to do is perform diligent and detailed past landlord checks. Don’t be afraid to ask important questions relating to how the tenants left the property. These experiences and stories that have happened with past tenancies might be a warning to avoid a nightmare situation with yourself. It is always important to have good communication and a clear signed lease from both parties to minimize these bad relationships from happening.

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