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We treat pets in our homes as members of the family. When looking for a home to rent, the application process for a family can be a struggle; it’s even more challenging when you are looking for the perfect place and you happen to have pets. For most Property Management companies, landlords, property owners, we tend to be very strict, when it comes to pets, when renting a property. It is a hassle for tenants to find a perfect home not just to suit them according to their needs and wants but also bringing in with them their pets because not all rental homes are pet-friendly.

We, at Orca Realty, understand purchasing a home is one of the biggest investments for people. Allowing pets may cause damage to a home; they may scratch floors, eliminate waste and stain the carpets and floors. If you are in the position of the home owner, you definitely do not want that potential damage to be done in your home.

Damage would cause pain in your pocket.

But some issues may be considered, you can ask the tenant to provide proof that they can take care of the house even with pets, of course in the end it is up to the owner if he/she will allow pets.

There may be terms and conditions that should be agreed upon between the owner and tenants who are applying for tenancy. There are chances that property owners that do not want pets in their house, might change their mind and permit a tenant who can provide references from previous landlords for their pets good behaviour. There are several things that can be evaluated and checked on the pets behalf. For instance, if the tenant’s previous tenancy indicates that he or she is a responsible pet owner or a previous dog or cat trainer can provide a certificate that can prove that the pets are well-trained. Another consideration will often be the age of the pets as well.

So, in many cases, pets may be considered but the decision for the request is still up to the owner so as a tenant come prepared with your pet references in hand.

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