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Garages are important! If you own a rental property, it is definitely beneficial to you and will help increase the rental price for your property, if you have a fully enclosed garage included in the house amenities.

Often, a renter has expensive vehicles that need protection from the weather and also from theft, so they will not consider renting a house without a garage.
Most renters look for an apartment, condo or a home with a garage included.

There are variations of garages, such as carports and detached garages. Many people use garages for storage as well and it becomes an important feature of the property. If the property does not offer a garage, often the renter is then forced to rent a separate storage area which is an added monthly expense for them.

It can be a deal breaker for renters having a garage to protect their cars from bad weather and to avoid the hassle of extra cleaning of the car. It saves them from worrying every time their car is outside in pouring rain or heavy snow falls, or under the extreme heat of the sun during the hot summer season.

Renters don’t always need the garage just to park their cars or boats, it also serves as storage for their valuables. If your family are sports enthusiasts, garages also are perfect spots to store your expensive bikes, scooters, gym equipment and tools.

Garages are definitely a great asset when looking to purchase a rental property.

It is one of the main features most renters look for when searching for a rental property. It is a safety feature to be able to drive your car into the garage and enter your home safely.

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