Public Transit – Important

  • 8 years ago

When you’re looking to rent a home, apartment or condo, it is always important to check out the public transit situation. You will be much happier, especially downtown, if you live close to translink bus stops, skytrain stations or a sea bus terminal.  If you do not live near grocery stores, malls, parks or schools you will need to have access to your local transit options.

It is an advantage for everyone and also a convenient way of life for tenants that live near bus stops as parking downtown can be very difficult. If where you work is just a few blocks away from your house or apartment, it is also cost efficient in terms of money, energy and time but if you do not, public transit will be become your best friend. By using public transit, you save money on car payments, gas, insurance and the huge problem in Vancouver with parking.

Many people looking to rent a condo ask first how many parking spots come with the property before asking about anything else.

Another advantage with public transit is you can always depend on the bus to be there, especially in cold, wet weather. This is not always true with a vehicle.

Public transit almost always runs on time as they have strict schedules they need to adhere to. If you live near a bus stop and you’re a commuter, you will be surprised how quickly you can get into a routine and adapt quickly to the transit schedule for convenience. For people who travel every day and don’t want the hassle of driving in heavy traffic when going to work or school, it is very important to live close to a bus stop.

Successful people always want to be on time and do not want to be late so convenient public transit is a very important part of our lives.

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Public Transit - Important

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