Put Your Home’s Best Foot Forward

  • 7 years ago

There are many West Vancouver houses to rent, so how do you make your beautiful property stand out from the rest?

There are several things you can do to make your home rental ready. One of the most common things people do, is to stage their property.

What is staging? Well, think of a gift and how people wrap it. Even the smallest, inexpensive gift, can look like a treasure with the perfect wrapping. By presenting your property as a gift, filled with stylish furniture and tasteful window coverings, you let your potential tenants see the space in a positive light. It helps them envision what their own possessions will look like in your home. Keep everything clean and simple; remove any clutter and knic-knacs that will only take away from your open space.

Always show your home sparkling clean and remove all food from the stove top and kitchen counters.
NOBODY wants to see food in the kitchen!!!
People need to see your home at its best if you want to attract top quality AAA tenants.

Everything from a fresh coat of paint, to updating tired old appliances can make a major difference in renting your home quickly. Look closely at your kitchen cupboards and if you see chipped wood or paint and dated knobs it’s time for a visit to Ikea. It doesn’t cost much to give your kitchen a quick and creative face-lift. When staging a home you want to enhance the best features in the home, while downplaying the drawbacks. You may want to consider hiring a professional, who understands home staging and have them handle this situation for you.

Read home design magazines to get great ideas on how to make home look more modern and inviting.

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Put Your Home's Best Foot Forward

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