Put Your Puppy In Doggy Day Care

  • 8 years ago

“A dog is a man’s best friend.” Being an avid pet lover, especially dogs I am always looking for the best way to better my dog’s life. If you’re looking to rent a home, your biggest hurdle can be finding a rental home that allows pets, particularly larger dogs. I know sometimes, it can be quite a challenge to give 100% attention to your dogs. If you have a puppy the biggest challenge, especially if you work full time is to train them to go to the bathroom outside. It’s like having a kid and teaching them potty training or how to walk.

It requires great patience and lots of time and energy.

If you are working or you have small children at home it can be even more challenging to find the time to properly train your new puppy. So what would be the best thing to do? You don’t want your puppy left alone in your house. They can destroy or damage walls, furniture, floors and carpets without meaning to.  One of the best plans you can devise is to put them in a doggy day care. Your worries will be far less that your puppy is lonely and also the doggy day care professionals will provide an excellent training program for the newest member of your family.

It can be the best option if no one is able to be home all day with the puppy as you do not want them to learn bad habits that become instilled in them. The doggy day care professionals take them for walks, they have other puppies for your dog to play with and they feed them a very nutritionist diet. Doesn’t this sound like a much better alternative than your puppy having to stay in one room all day or even worse a crate. Renting a home is hard work but even more challenging when you have a puppy in the family.

If your neighbors have pets too, you can ask for referrals or recommendations nearby for the best doggy day care in the area. Doggy day care will take excellent care of your pets, attend its needs and even walk them to the park. It’s also a great experience to your dog to play with other dogs. It won’t be easy at first, but later or sooner your dog will be comfortable with its new environment. Support your dog in every step in adapting his new day care center, because it would be its second home when you’re at work or travel too. If you are lucky, sometimes you can take your dog to work, at Orca Realty we have a few pets that drop by from time to time.

Putting your puppy in a doggy day care makes you stress-free knowing that your pet is in good hands and also knowing these caring professionals provide expert training and love for your new pet as well.

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Put Your Puppy In Doggy Day Care

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