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  • 9 years ago

You’ve finally retired and decided to do some of the traveling you’ve only dreamed about, but what do you do with your precious home while you are away for the next 2 years? After much deliberation, you and your wife decide to rent it out, but where to start?

Be smart and begin by asking an expert, after all, your home is the most important asset you own. Call an experienced Property Management company and ask them all the important questions on your mind. They will give you all the information you need, to help you make the right decision that best works for you and your family. If you decide to leave your home in the hands of experienced professionals, while you are away traveling the world, you have to make certain your home is left in tiptop condition for your new tenants, “both inside and out.”                  Please take notes:

If you already have a gardener keep them, if you don’t, hire a good one. They will know your lawn and landscaping better than anyone else and they will keep it exactly to your specifications, so when you return home, there will be -no surprises- This goes for your pool and hot tub, if you have one. Clean out those dirty gutters and have them maintained while you are away and also check that your roof is in good condition as living in Vancouver you must be prepared for heavy rainfalls. Check the link below for gardeners.

As far as the inside of the house…..clean…..clean…..clean…. Clean every bathroom, clean all the kitchens (don’t forget your exhaust fans above stove tops) floors and make sure your cleaners pull out the appliances in the kitchen, as well as wiping out all drawers and cupboards. Have professional cleaners come in and clean your home from top to bottom. This includes all carpets and windows and don’t forget to change every burnt out light bulb you see. This seems to be a major contention with potential renters when they view a home. Don’t have a cleaner? Try Molly Maids below…..

There is a reason Real Estate agents “stage a home” when it is on the market. You want it to sell quickly and you want it to look it’s absolute best. When we show potential clients homes to rent, the cleaner the property is, the faster it rents. It also shows any potential applicants how much you care about your home and what kind of condition you would like to see it left for you when you return. Check each and every appliance you have, to make certain you are not leaving any lingering problems. If your appliances have existing warranties leave them in a convenient place for the new tenants. Check all your smoke alarms and carbon monoxide alarms for new batteries.

As one of the premiere Vancouver Property Management companies, we at Orca Realty always ask our home owners to leave a personal house manual for the new tenants describing in detail all the things they will need to know about the property. It saves hours of questions and is an excellent reference tool for them to have at their fingertips.

Put yourself in the tenants shoes and ask yourself; if you were going to rent a home in Vancouver, what would you need to know about the property. For example, where is the main waterline if there is a problem? Where do you keep your fire extinguisher? Are there any special instruction for your heating or air conditioning systems? Is there an alarm code for the garage?

Leave 2 full sets of keys and 2 working garage remotes for the new tenants and 1 full set for your Property Management team.

It’s a big decision renting out your home to strangers, so take the time and talk to the experts!

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Ready To Retire & Travel - Rent Out Your Home

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