Renting a property in Vancouver – Keep your tenant happy

  • 8 years ago
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 Renting a property in Vancouver is easy but making sure your tenant is happy is like one of your grandmother’s famous recipes. It takes attention to detail, with excellent listening skills, a pinch of patience and a dollop of common sense..How do you make your tenant happy? Vancouver Property Managers can help you answer this question. Building good tenant relationships is an ongoing struggle but worth it.
• Keep the line of communication open and honest.
• When repairs or concerns happen deal with them quickly and efficiently.
• Friendly conversation and quick response lead to an effective and long lasting relationship.
• Be aware of potential repairs before they happen and react speedily.
• Listen…listen and listen and take the situation seriously.
• Sending competent contract workers who know the job and finish it in a timely manner.
• Inspect the property on a regular time schedule to anticipate problems before they happen. Find a downtown Vancouver apartment and let your Property Manager take care of you!


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