Renting West Vancouver Properties – Drapes or blinds?

  • 8 years ago
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Renting West Vancouver properties, with their size and style can be a designers oasis but the issue of drapes or blinds is a puzzle for everyone. Drapes can completely captivate the look of any room if the fabric and flow are perfect. They come in so many options of style, fabric choice and varying shades and colours it can be overwhelming. Will it be sheer and light or heavy and dark, well that is up to you. Ask for swatches if you just cannot make up your mind and live with the material and colours for awhile before making your all important decision. Also, take into consideration the cost of cleaning your draperies when you decide drapes over blinds. They may say machine washable but take my advise and take them to a professional cleaner to maintain the life of the fabric. West Vancouver home owners usually provide curtains or blinds as this eliminates an added expense to the renter and also because they do not want to see flags or blankets hanging up in the windows. Window coverings have evolved immensely since the plain old white venetian blinds. There are rich, sleek wooden blinds, woven wicker blinds, canvas roll up blinds, the list is endless. Nowadays, you can wrap your windows in shutter blinds and you can find blinds that are waterproof, easy washable and blinds that help save on your heating bills. Also, there are colours and styles that can add a designer feel to every room. West Vancouver Property Managers suggest strongly to home owners the benefits of providing window coverings. Walk through Ikea and you can’t help but discover a whole new world of window coverings. I am definitely on team blinds because I like to change the look of my rooms as often as I change the colour of my hair and blinds are an easy way to do this.

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