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Most children need a quiet room, private area or a designated study forum when doing their homework, school projects or science activities. Everyone knows kids are easily distracted from the things they see and hear, they may find it very difficult to concentrate if there are any outside distractions. 
Some kids can tolerate the noise, however, it is still a concern most children may not concentrate to the level they should be.
To ensure an effective learning and studying program is in place, take the time find a perfect spot where your kids can take the time they need to do their homework.
Make sure to remove all  iPad’s and phones that seem to be the biggest distraction for them. 
The kids bedroom can serve as a study room but you need to do lots of follow up, so they are clear they have to complete all their school work.  Many instances when you leave your kids studying alone in their rooms, they may not concentrate as well, as when they are being monitored.
Left to their own devices, they will definitely be distracted by computer games or by browsing the internet instead of completing school assignments.
The location doesn’t really matter, as long as your kids understand where their focus needs to be, which is on their studies. If you have older children often you find them listening to music while they are supposedly studying or doing homework and this is a definite conflict. A quiet, bright and comfortable study area is recommended for all kids, no matter what their ages may be.

There is always a new way to improve the study habits of your kids but keeping an open communication with them is the most important tool you can use with them.

Wherever your kid wants to study, regardless of the area, if you set the focus and the time, kids will definitely build a stronger productive study habits that will not only make them better students but help enrich their entire lives..

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