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The kids are back to school and the big question is, what to make them for lunch, every single day and make it healthy and fun?????
No one wants to be the parent whose lunches are tossed out or not trade worthy.
It’s hard to come up with creative and healthy lunch ideas everyday, so here are some fun ideas to share with you:

Back to School Kids Lunch Ideas!Ham-Apple-and-Cheese-Quesadilla

100+ School Lunch Ideas For Kids They Will Love

Kid’s snacks are another thing to keep healthy and fun.

This is a crucial time for restoring energy in your kids day and helps them stay focused and alert.

Here’s a few healthy snack suggestions:
• Use wooden skewers and alternate different coloured fruits in different shapes
• Take apple slices and put mini marshmallows between 2 slices of apple
• Celery sticks are great to fill with peanut butter or simple cream cheese with sliced olives on top
• Deviled eggs look fun with faces drawn on each egg
• Cupcake holders filled with wholegrain cereals and pieces of dried fruits
• Veggies and all kinds of yummy dips is the best snack
• Crackers and cheese or crackers and humus


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