School’s Out Camping Is In

  • 7 years ago
  1. During summer, camping is one of the most favourite activities for families. Aside from all the fun you will experience, it is an excellent way to have quality time with the kids.  When you are packing, it is essential to write a list of what to bring for your camping vacation.
    Below are 10 important things to bring when you camp.
    First aid kit-should have bandages, medicines, adhesive tape, cotton balls, insect repellent, splint material, lots of sunscreen, soap, disinfectant for bruises or cuts, scissors, tissues, rope and plastic bags. These are very important since you are generally far away from your home or a hospital and they will be critical in an emergency situation.
  2. . Tents and lots of cosy blankets- You should include sleeping bags, pillows and a blow up mattress. Sleep comfort at night is important as your days will be filled with many, many tiring activities. The tent also serves as your shelter, you won’t need to worry about heavy rain or extreme heat.
  3. Clothes and Footwear- extra clothing, underwear, sweaters, pants, socks, sleeping clothes, hat, swimsuits, shoes, boots and laundry bags.
  4. Personal Hygiene Kit- Even though you’re not at home, you should always maintain and observe hygienic practices. Bring soaps, shampoos, deodorants, toothbrush and toothpaste, feminine wash for women, towels, toilet papers and other personal items that you use.
  5. Food – This, of course, is the most item you will pack. Pack easy snack foods like chips and cookies. Make sure any food that can spoil easily is kept in a chilled container with several ice packs.
  6. Water- There should always be enough water for an overnight or several nights camping to keep your family safely for hydrated. Also include lots of bottled water in your backpacks when you take nature hikes.
  7. Kitchen utensils- All cooking utensils, charcoals, portable gas bbq’s, matches, water bucket, paper towels, containers for food storage, coolers, thermos, can openers dish soaps, plates, glass, spoon and fork or paper plates and cups. DO NOT forget the garbage bags for disposal.
  8. Flashlights and Portable lamps- These will be crucial at night. Bonfires can also serve as a great source of heat if it is cold at night.
  9. Maps and compass-It is much easier for you to navigate to your destination if you have guides and tools. This is a great tool for navigation as your GPS in your phone may not work during hiking because of no signal.
  10. Others; these consist of your other needed things when you’re in a camp like your bikes, your camera to capture every memory and prepare lists of games and activities for your family.

It is always easy when you have a complete camping list of things to do and things to bring when you camp.

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