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West Vancouver homes to rent come with the question of the security/pet deposits.

Under the British Columbia Residential Tenancy Act, the owner can ask for half a months rent to keep in trust for any damages the tenant may inflict upon the property other than normal wear and tear. If the tenant has a pet, the owner can also ask for a pet deposit as well. The deposit works as a security for the owner so the tenant will take good care of the home if they want to get their deposit money back. Most tenants start their tenancy with good intentions and are responsible and caring individuals. But accidents can happen and the deposits are a necessary insurance for both parties concerned particularly in the case of pets.

West Vancouver Property Managers often have to step in and handle delicate situations when damage does occur. We have seen brand new hardwood floors severely damaged by large dogs and carpets and expensive window coverings destroyed by a new kitten.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Piggy money-box on white background .a hand dropping a coin into a smiling piggy bank
West Vancouver home renters obviously want to get their security deposits returned, so prevention is very important and to maintain and nurture a positive relationship, periodic home inspections are a great idea.

We hope all our AAA tenants take their responsibility to take excellent care of their rental properties serious and their time in the home is a happy experience for them and their families.

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