Shaughnessy houses for rent – what’s included?

  • 10 years ago

So, one of your Shaughnessy houses for rent have an interested tenant and they ask you, “what’s included in the rent? Hmmmm.. good question…. there’s no standard pat answer for that one but there is a few rules of thumb that you may want to follow. If you have a furnished Vancouver rental house than the rules are a little different than if you have a long term unfurnished prospective tenant. Furnished homes are usually for temporary visitors to the city so they don’t want to switch everything into their own names nor are you interested in jumping through all those hoops every three months.

If the home is furnished you’ll usually be including heat, gas, electricity, garbage collection, WIFI and TV, yard maintenance, pool and jacuzzi maintenance and of course property taxes and monthly condo fees. Obviously not every home will have all of these expense but you should usually include yard/pool/ jacuzzi maintenance because you want to make sure that your home gets maintained in the proper fashion. Simply adjust the rent up to cover the expenses. A Shaughnessy property management company can refer you to a qualified and referred maintenance contractor to ensure that the home is taken care of properly. A cap on utilities is usually recommended when pools and jacuzzis are supplied with the home as is extra expenses when it comes to pay per view on the TV.

If the home is unfurnished you will want the tenant to switch most of the ongoing monthly expenses to their names. Again, if your Shaughnessy rental home has a garden or nice yard, include that in the price of the rent to insure that it is being maintained properly by a contractor you know and trust. Likewise with the pool and jacuzzi.

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