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North Vancouver Property Managers wear many hats during work. One of them entails cross checking references from various prospective tenants for the owners. Reference checks are one of the most important things considered by property owners and the onus is on the experienced Property Managers because if they happen to overlook something important on the application form and you end up with a bad tenant, it will really cause one big nasty headache.

A credit report, which is usually one of the requirements of a landlord, is never enough to judge and weigh a person’s credentials.
Always do some extra research and it will greatly pay off in the future.
North Shore home owners find one way to do this, is to call the previous landlords and ask how this person was as a tenant. Be diligent and ask specifically. These past landlords may give you the best probable insight of the future just in case you go with a certain prospect. Also, a criminal background check is sometimes vital to cross checking references.

A person who looks good on paper, is well-mannered during interviews, and primly groomed on the outside may appear to have everything you wish for in a tenant, that you are willing to give them the benefit of the doubt, might turn out to be the dreaded tenant from hell (like what we mostly see in movie scenes anyways). There will always be prospects looking to rent North Vancouver houses but as landlords, do the proper checks required, as it is definitely better to be safe than sorry.
Take the time and do thorough, detailed reference checks. You will not regret this!


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