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Looking to rent a home in West Vancouver?
Listen up West Van home owners, it’s time for spring cleaning. which also means it’s time for some home organization!

Are you feeling like your property is a little cluttered after the holidays and winter season?

Are you running out of space for all of your favorite Steve Madden boots and Manolo Blahnik shoes? ….or maybe you just need a little storage area for your gardening tools or home office supplies.

Start looking for your much needed extra storage space, whether it is in the garage or in the basement. Some of the most creative storage ideas are right under your nose. There are now so many amazing storage options for your investment rental home to look and feel more efficient and organized!

Many, many home decor stores now offer various storage ideas in creative prints and colourful palettes that will compliment the personal style of your home. Our North Shore Property Managers on a daily basis,deal with properties that have little or no storage, so often off site storage facilities are always an option just a few blocks away! By simply adding a stainless steel or oak shelf in your kitchen or some storage boxes in tropical floral prints to your living room it will not only add some flair to your home but also help you to get rid of unnecessary clutter. If you want to take the extra step you can hire a company to help you with home organization and make your home even more self-sufficient.

Let’s face it, no one likes messy clutter, so hide it and remember, duck before you open the closet door.

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