Style Does Make The Man….Especially In The Office!

  • 9 years ago

West Vancouver Property Management offices have a diverse group of people. What makes the office thrive and keep the environment energetic? Sometimes it’s the chipper, redheaded receptionist who always brings in donuts or Tim Horton timbits and still wears a size 4, sometimes it’s the hot 21 year old with the big smile or the eager young graduate with so countless balls in the air, but for our office, it’s the guy who makes the extra effort to come in everyday in a new fashion outfit that sparks not only conversation but confidence. (in that order)

Whether our guy wears his outstanding pink and black checked vintage shirt from Holt Renfrew or his grey flannel Tommy Hilfiger pants, it brings a little humour into our office. His shoes alone are worth 2 days conversation, from the super shiny black Prada’s to the black and white checked loafers, we always notice what’s on his feet first. Our North Shore home owners come into our office expecting to see his eclectic fashion style and friendly smile.

So, does fashion personality have a place in business?


In fact, with social media taking over the airwaves and the marketing aspect of instagrams and twitter, big personalities are a major plus for any business. One word people…SELFIES!…

Clothing can be a great first impression and a definite air of confidence whether you are a man or a woman.

Business is all about confidence in the person and the company. Trendy outfits can breed self-assurance and bring electricity into the room and can inspire great Monday morning meetings. So, don’t be afraid to channel your inner style fashionista. Your closet can be your best friend, it is filled with possibilities to enhanced performance at work and a lucrative and successful career. You must be familiar with the old phrase “Dress For Success” well it couldn’t be more true than now. Conservative suits are out and casual fashion know how is in. That does not mean “blue jeans” as they have no place in an office but it does mean, taking the time to consider what you wear and feel absolute confidence in your own personal style and presentation! What you are wearing and how current your clothes are a big part of the package.

West Vancouver property owners and renters seem to be very athletic people, especially living in such an active environment as the North Shore and they do dress accordingly. Fashion and lifestyle is a big part of the North Shore. So don’t be afraid to be adventurous in your work environment, clothes do make the man/woman and yes indeed everyone does notice.
“Good clothes open all doors.”
Thomas Fuller(1608-1661) British clergyman and author.
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