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Summer is right around the corner and guess what that means??? The kids are out of school for over 2 whole months!
What will you do with them when you are work? That is the million dollar question… For some unexplained reason unknown to man; kids get bored faster than any other humans on the planet, so you must have a game plan for each day and a schedule of events planned to keep them busy.

As North Shore Property Managers, this is an especially busy time for us but for the kids they need activities…activities…activities…

Check out your summer camps and see who offers the best choices.

For example on the North Shore there is several options available:
If you have children between 5 and 11 years old you can enroll them in PJ Kids Club. It is a 10 week program which will easily get you through the summer months. The fun thing they do at this camp is field trips at least three times a week. Imagine how much fun your kids will have at Play land, Science World, water parks and lots more adventures.

Check out their website for all the details and registration information.

Also check out Grouse Mountain summer camps. Only 15 minutes from downtown Vancouver, your child will be surrounded by nature in all its glory. Children in the camp learn about the wilderness, animals and overall outdoor survival. It’s a great environment away from video games, cell phones and TV and back to playing outside in a team atmosphere. Your older kids can take the Camp Counselor courses to learn how to become a Camp Counselor; what a great summer job!

Maybe you are lucky enough to have the whole summer off but you still have to keep the kids amused. With over 90 days to fill with activities, it can be a big dent in your wallet so check out your local dollar store. You will find endless arts and crafts that will keep the kids busy all day. Also, there are so many water toys when the weather gets really hot, it will help keep the kids outside and entertained.
Bubbles anyone………..
Bubbles are good for a whole day’s fun! Buy all kinds of different size bubble wands so they have a variety of bubbles to chase. Your pets will love the fun as well. Your local Dollarama will have blow up pools, pool noodles (that can easily be turned into a sponge sprinklers for the kids) water guns and endless water toys for your little ones.

Slip and slide is the ultimate summer fun and bedtime will be early as the kids use so much energy running around all day, it gives you time for that romantic dinner with your better half.

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