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West Vancouver homes to rent are highly in demand nowadays and as a homeowner, you always try to do your best to have your property clean, fresh and presentable for potential AAA-list tenants. Pretty much in the coming months due to seasonal changes, stubborn mold and mildew will be one of things that might pester your property and will consume most of your time getting rid of it.

Mold loves places that are rich in moisture.

That’s why it is commonly found in bathrooms, basements, nooks, places where stagnant water is present and others. Aside from looking foul and disgusting, it is also hazardous to your health so always take precautionary measures when you are getting rid of mold. You can try removing the mold by using a bleach and water mixture. This would require several sprays and scrubbing before you will successfully eliminate it. If the mold gets too overwhelming for you, then maybe it is time to call a professional to handle the matter.

As West Vancouver Property Managers, not only do we help you acquire a tenant that will cherish your property like it’s their own, we also make it a point to help out with small things to make your property last longer from this nuisance. Also a good simple tip for you, West Vancouver home owners, on how to prevent mold from getting too crazy and taking over your home is to make sure that there is good air circulation. Always find ways to ventilate rooms or areas that are highly exposed to moisture, especially the kitchen and bathroom. An exhaust fan will surely be a winner! If an exhaust fan is not an option, open your windows wide enough to enjoy the air and welcome the breeze in your home.

Everybody needs some fresh air from time to time, don’t we all?


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