Ten tips to help you and your cat have an easier move into your new rental home!

  • 2 years ago

TIP…ask if they have pets. You will want to know if there is a dog at the property or an indoor cat that should not be let out.

 By making sure that your property is viewer ready and looking its best…you will not only save yourself time and money but you will have it rented out to the right tenants in no time!

 You’ve rented your new place and now it’s time to pack up and move but you’ve noticed your cat is starting to act a little strangely…cats like routine and don’t usually like change and moving is no exception. Here’s a few ideas to make your move go more smoothly for you and your fur baby.

  1. Start bringing out empty boxes a little early for packing so that your cat gets used to the boxes…and the idea of moving. Cats often love to play in empty boxes and this will help them to feel more comfortable as you get ready to start packing and prepare for your upcoming move.
  2. Get your cat used to their cat carrier prior to moving day. Some cats love their carrier and others do not! Add a blanket or towel and some of their favorite toys to make them feel more comfortable in it…I sometimes sprinkle in a few of their favorite snacks.
  1. During the move out keep your cat in one room with their food, litter and water. If they have a cat blanket or bed leave this in their too with a couple of their favorite toys. Make sure that all doors and windows are closed and advise everyone that the cat is in there…if necessary put up a sign.
  1. Don’t feed your cat too much close to their ride in your car as they may feel anxious during the trip. Bring some of their favorite treats and if it is a hot day make sure to keep the car and kitty cool. If your cat is anxious during car rides you may need to consult with your vet regarding medication.
  1. Once you are in your new home, set your cat up in one of the rooms while the unpacking is taking place. Make sure that they have everything they need to keep them comfortable and secure. Again…it is important that everyone knows which room your cat is in during the move in as well.
  1. Investigate the property to make sure that it is pet friendly and to ensure that there is nothing out that could harm your cat. Cats sometimes like to hide until they are comfortable in their new surroundings so it’s important to make sure that it is safe.
  2. As soon as everything has been moved in and the house is secure, let your cat roam around to get used to their new living space. Make sure that doors and windows are closed as they should stay inside for a couple of weeks until they are comfortable and ready to go outside if they are an outdoor cat.
  3. Make sure that your cat has some of their favorite things out. It’s important that they feel comfortable in their new home with some of their favorite belongings and that they know where their food, water, litter box and scratching post are.
  4. If you have moved to a new neighborhood you may need to look into a new vet. Investigate which ones are in your area for your next appointment.
  5. Make sure that your cat has identification and is up-to-date with their      tattoos. You will want to make sure that your contact information is correct with your new address.

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Now that you’ve made it through your move it’s time for all of you to enjoy your new home!

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