Thanksgiving Is Almost Here…mmmmmmmm

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In Canada, we celebrate Thanksgiving on the second Monday in October.

This holiday is all about food…food….food….

We also get to reconnect with some of our favourite relatives during the long celebratory weekend! My relatives never come empty handed and always bring some kind of food dish with them, so we end up with all kinds of great, tasty recipes from all around the world. We have food from Italy, Scotland, Ireland, Japan and good old Canadian dishes as well.

Although not as widely celebrated as our US neighbours Thanksgiving holiday, we do love any reason to have a long holiday weekend, especially with the warm weather we have been experiencing. Shopping in the US is huge on Thanksgiving as it is the big kickoff to Christmas but here in Canada, we do not use this holiday as an excuse to become shopaholics.

Traditionally, our holiday has a more autumn festival feel to it with tons of pumpkins, fall leaves and bike rides. It’s a good time to get back to nature with long family hikes through the leaves and an opportunity to participate in some great exercise as well. If you are a sports fan, Thanksgiving is a good day to watch some football or hockey. Stretch out, put your feet up and indulge in some yummy appies.

Being from Ontario originally, my family often went to the cottage up north for our Thanksgiving weekend. We’d pack the car with board games, tons of food and my mom always brought the video recorder to catch some great memories. She was the old fashioned mom with the well worn patterned apron and her hands seemed to always be white with flour. She’d make a huge homemade pumpkin pie early in the morning and let it cool down by the cottage kitchen window and my dad would split the logs for the fireplace while my brothers always let me win at Monopoly. My mom’s Thanksgiving turkeys are legendary and we’d all sit around the table before eating, giving thanks for our wonderful family. I can still remember the dinners like it was yesterday and the memories will be with me forever.

If you are in need of some great Thanksgiving recipes check out the links below:

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